Racine Matter #2009CM000742

Racine Matter #2009CM000742

A matter where Racine County Sheriffs Deputy Kevin Burke lied in an official capacity about JOSEPH WILLIAM BAKERĀ®.

These false claims have caused a job offer by Credit Sesame to be rescinded and left me unemployed since May 25th, 2015.

I feel that since prosecution was not ready at the trial date (failure to prosecute) that this is “prima fascia evidence” of defamation against my good name. I’ve sent them notice to the court clerk via registered mail that I am charging them the equivalent of one million dollars worth of gold at 2009 prices which has now doubled. They now owe me in excess of two billion dollars for using my service mark in unauthorized fashion. (US Patent and Trademark Office Registration # 6,926,451 Serial #: 97-016,987 )

Joseph William Baker waving at passers by in Burlington, Wisconsin in 2008.


My Response to an employer CreditSesame.com who denied me a job due to this matter.

1133-1137 Filbert St, San Francisco, CA 94109

1133-1137 Filbert St, San Francisco, CA 94109

This the home where I first came into conscious awareness as a baby looking out the window at the San Francisco Bay and a bit of the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz. Watching my Beautiful Aunt Vila apply her red lipstick at her vanity mirror. Aunt Vila’s maiden name was Williams.

Later in life Aunt Vila notified our family that she could not get necessary medication unless she signed papers so that Molly Johnston could get control of the property.

Molly Johnston posed as a nurse as part of her scheme to take control of the property. Molly Johnston communicated to Vila’s brother Mr. B.B. Williams that she was a nurse when in fact it was discovered later in court that Molly Johnston was not a nurse. Mr. Williams was trying to setup proper medical care for Vila by hiring Molly Johnston

There were criminal charges brought against Molly Johnston and possibly her man friend for undue influence against Aunt Vila. Court proceedings went on for two years.
Aunt Vila ended up dying of bed sores under the car of Molly Johnston.

Roxann Powers is a natural heir of Vila Williams. The house was willed to her and other relatives.

Zillow Link to property
Mortgage involved
50,000 in 1950
300,000 mortgage — when the house was worth millions already.
$60-$70 per month for light bulb
Brother calls where have you been?
Molly wants to buy the house from the heirs.
Elder Abuse
The only way she could have one was that she knew or paid off the judge.

3018 Linden Avenue, Bakersfield, California [93305]

3018 Linden Avenue, Bakersfield, California [93305]

Deed controversy exists here.


Unbelievable amounts of fraud on the part of the Kern County Superior courts were done to take this property from Star Hills and Alan Gjurovich.  
GMAC Mortgage is presently held up in federal Bankruptcy court over the conflict surrounding this property. 

Some of the court documents can be freely viewed here:

Petition of Right

I Joseph-William:Baker hold that this judgement https://www.courts.ca.gov/opinions/nonpub/F064464.PDF  is non-binding because early in the foreclosure action the plaintiffs did use fraud on the court by hiring a criminal to swear to not-existant process of service on the door of the house.  My testimony is on the record in the case and I was there when the judge had criminal Joe Devers sit on the bench swearing that he served the document on the home of Star Hills.  I observed rash behavior by a court commissioner calling the case “a monster”.  I observed a bailiff run defendant Alan David out of the court building – threatening him with violence.  The judge did not ask who I was in the courtroom.  But I was there.  My testimony was before him, including a data DVD including all motion detection events at the front door of Star’s house on the day Joe Devers swore he had posted notice of the Foreclosure action on Star’s house.

I also suffered an attemped murder on my life by Bakersfield police officer Richard S. Davis Junior on September 28th, 2009.    It may be the case that my assistance of Star and Alan in their efforts to save their home from theft via the fraud of the courts and the prosecutors  was met with with this dastardly deed.  In fact this event caused incredible mental harm, distraction and exhaustion of resources to properly proceed in the courts regarding the insufficiency of the foreclosure case.

I also witnessed the court administrator give preferential treatment to which he is liable for the cost of Alan and Star loosing their home. 

Due to these facts – ignored by the courts – Martha Campos can not demonstrate a proper chain of title to the home.

Sworn under Under penalty of perjury,
Feb 29th, 2020 10:00 pm.

Earthica Star – referred to in the documents as Stacy-Lynn:Hills

1037 Green Road; Pell Lake, Wisconsin 53157

1037 Green Road; Pell Lake, Wisconsin 53157

Title in Dispute
Alleged mortgage was rescinded .  The bank failed it’s only recourse to countersue within the 20 day window.  See rulings on this in the Jesinowski vs. Countrywide Home Loans by the US Supreme Court.
Federal Bankruptcy Stay was Violated
Roger W Holmes was locked out of his own federal courtroom hearing of the violation of the bankruptcy stay.  A similar case cost thee bank a $45 million dollar fine see here.

I am a first hand witness to these events as I assisted Roger with his correspondence to Wachovia Bank and have also been the target of “the law firm” Gray and Associates who alleges to have been working on behalf of “it’s client” Wachovia Bank.

For further information contact me:
Joe Baker   jb@remedycoin.com   https://keybase.io/remedycoin

Exhibit A: General Rescision letter rescision letter notice of bankruptcy filing & stay ROGER WISCONSIN (includes proof of service)

Exhibit B: notice of bankruptcy filing & stay ROGER WISCONSIN



372 Lewis Street; Burlington Wisconsin 53105

Title Dispute: The house at 372 Lewis Street; Burlington, Wisconsin 53105

The title over this house is in dispute.
Joseph William Baker claims to have rescinded the mortgage by tendering a response by his Notary Public in person to the office of Gray and Associates before the foreclosure proceedings commenced.  This was in response to a “Do you deny the debt” letter.  A conditional acceptance was put forward, along with a preliminary notice of rescission.  The conditions were not met by Gray and Associates nor Chase Bank and therefore the debt was denied and rescinded.

To add to the complexities, the owner, Joseph William Baker has been fraudulently harassed by the Racine County Sheriff’s department in another matter where officers made threats of physical violence such that Joseph fears for his life to engage the Sheriff’s or the courts in that county.

Joseph has contacted Chase Home Mortgage and the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau to inform them about how his rescission in light of the US Supreme Court’s decision in Jesinowski vs. Countrywide  about the Truth in Lending Act (regulation Z) shows that Joseph’s rescission was effective upon instructing his notary public to hand deliver the document.

Joseph’s position is that he is entitled to the home, to all the payments he made, to quiet title, to all the profits and proceeds which have been earned ever since regarding the home along with punitive awards.

Joseph is claiming in addition that Chase Home Mortgage and Gray and Associates, LLC together owe Joseph 52 million USD for the stress and grief which this matter has caused him and Barbara Gilmore-Baker to break up.  In part this caused Joseph to be homeless, and to live in peonage.

Denial of Debt Letter Response including Rescission:  PDF
Objections to final court event 2009-03-22  PDF Proof of Service document

Conditional Acceptance to Final Eviction Notice  PDF
More documents to follow.

Joseph hopes to settle this matter using the soon to be announced RemedyCoin.com  service where he hopes to offer forgiveness to the parties as long as they do not object to a new financial instrument being created and attached to a new crypto currency with it’s own blockchain.  

Joseph Baker may be reached for comment at +1 262- eight zero 6-8031.