3018 Linden Avenue, Bakersfield, California [93305]

3018 Linden Avenue, Bakersfield, California [93305]

Deed controversy exists here.


Unbelievable amounts of fraud on the part of the Kern County Superior courts were done to take this property from Star Hills and Alan Gjurovich.  
GMAC Mortgage is presently held up in federal Bankruptcy court over the conflict surrounding this property. 

Some of the court documents can be freely viewed here:

Petition of Right

I Joseph-William:Baker hold that this judgement https://www.courts.ca.gov/opinions/nonpub/F064464.PDF  is non-binding because early in the foreclosure action the plaintiffs did use fraud on the court by hiring a criminal to swear to not-existant process of service on the door of the house.  My testimony is on the record in the case and I was there when the judge had criminal Joe Devers sit on the bench swearing that he served the document on the home of Star Hills.  I observed rash behavior by a court commissioner calling the case “a monster”.  I observed a bailiff run defendant Alan David out of the court building – threatening him with violence.  The judge did not ask who I was in the courtroom.  But I was there.  My testimony was before him, including a data DVD including all motion detection events at the front door of Star’s house on the day Joe Devers swore he had posted notice of the Foreclosure action on Star’s house.

I also suffered an attemped murder on my life by Bakersfield police officer Richard S. Davis Junior on September 28th, 2009.    It may be the case that my assistance of Star and Alan in their efforts to save their home from theft via the fraud of the courts and the prosecutors  was met with with this dastardly deed.  In fact this event caused incredible mental harm, distraction and exhaustion of resources to properly proceed in the courts regarding the insufficiency of the foreclosure case.

I also witnessed the court administrator give preferential treatment to which he is liable for the cost of Alan and Star loosing their home. 

Due to these facts – ignored by the courts – Martha Campos can not demonstrate a proper chain of title to the home.

Sworn under Under penalty of perjury,
Feb 29th, 2020 10:00 pm.

Earthica Star – referred to in the documents as Stacy-Lynn:Hills

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    1. If you can provide those scribd documents to me I’ll see if I can attach them to this page. Unfortunately, not having a paid scribd account, I have not been able to download the documents.


  1. M.
    ome was illegally foreclosed! We are seniors and they took everything including savings and my defferred compensation plan and a large amount of my retirement fund. .
    I have proof of notary fraud and my chain of title is corrupted Years of fraud. MBS, MERS much more. Need help.

    1. Please write the address and provide a link to the case number. I’ll be happy to put up a page memorializing your dispute of the foreclosure. Please add “I swear under penalty of perjury that this is a true and complete statement of the facts” to your statement.

      Another thing we might to is to create our own Remedy money for the situation. I think of it as money that’s backed by forgiveness. Over at RemedyCoin.com I’m working to create a new class of money that anyone can create to remedy a problem. Teaching others to honor it is a big project of mine.
      Best of luck to you.
      Joe Baker

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