3018 Linden Avenue, Bakersfield, California [93305]

3018 Linden Avenue, Bakersfield, California [93305]

Deed controversy exists here.


Unbelievable amounts of fraud on the part of the Kern County Superior courts were done to take this property from Star Hills and Alan Gjurovich.  
GMAC Mortgage is presently held up in federal Bankruptcy court over the conflict surrounding this property. 

Some of the court documents can be freely viewed here:


Earthica Star – referred to in the documents as Stacy-Lynn:Hills

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  1. M.
    ome was illegally foreclosed! We are seniors and they took everything including savings and my defferred compensation plan and a large amount of my retirement fund. .
    I have proof of notary fraud and my chain of title is corrupted Years of fraud. MBS, MERS much more. Need help.

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