372 Lewis Street; Burlington Wisconsin 53105

Title Dispute: The house at 372 Lewis Street; Burlington, Wisconsin 53105

The title over this house is in dispute.
Joseph William Baker claims to have rescinded the mortgage by tendering a response by his Notary Public in person to the office of Gray and Associates before the foreclosure proceedings commenced.  This was in response to a “Do you deny the debt” letter.  A conditional acceptance was put forward, along with a preliminary notice of rescission.  The conditions were not met by Gray and Associates nor Chase Bank and therefore the debt was denied.

To add to the complexities, the owner, Joseph William Baker has been fraudulently been harassed by the Racine County Sheriff’s department such that Joseph fears for his life to engage the Sheriff’s or the courts in that county.

Joseph has contacted Chase Home Mortgage and the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau to inform them about how his rescission in light of the US Supreme Court’s decision in Jesinowski vs. Countrywide  about the Truth in Lending Act (regulation Z) shows that Joseph’s rescission was effective upon instructing his notary public to hand deliver the document.

Joseph’s position is that he is entitled to the home, to all the payments he made, to quiet title, to all the profits and proceeds which have been earned ever since regarding the home.

Joseph is claiming in addition that Chase Home Mortgage and Gray and Associates, LLC together owe Joseph 52 million USD for the stress and grief which this matter has caused him and Barbara Gilmore-Baker to break up.  In part this caused Joseph to be homeless, and to live in peonage.

Joseph hopes to settle this matter using the soon to be announced RemedyCoin.com  service where he hopes that investors will see fit to put money into this controversy so that Joseph will be able to sell some of his position in the controversy.

Joseph Baker may be reached for comment at +1 262- eight zero 6-8031.