Racine Matter #2009CM000742

Racine Matter #2009CM000742

A matter where Racine County Sheriffs Deputy Kevin Burke lied in an official capacity about JOSEPH WILLIAM BAKERĀ®.

These false claims have caused a job offer by Credit Sesame to be rescinded and left me unemployed since May 25th, 2015.

I feel that since prosecution was not ready at the trial date (failure to prosecute) that this is “prima fascia evidence” of defamation against my good name. I’ve sent them notice to the court clerk via registered mail that I am charging them the equivalent of one million dollars worth of gold at 2009 prices which has now doubled. They now owe me in excess of two billion dollars for using my service mark in unauthorized fashion. (US Patent and Trademark Office Registration # 6,926,451 Serial #: 97-016,987 )

Joseph William Baker waving at passers by in Burlington, Wisconsin in 2008.


My Response to an employer CreditSesame.com who denied me a job due to this matter.

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